Maxstudio High Heel Knee High Boots

Maxstudio Mali Knee High BootIf you add only one fashion boot to your wardrobe this season, the Maxstudio Mali Knee-High Boot is a superb option to consider. With classic lines and just a bit of an edge, this vivacious boot will likely become your go-to footwear choice on many occasions. From a night out with the girls to an important business meeting, this beautifully buckled boot practically commands instant respect. Versatile yet verging on vixen, this knee-kissing boot pairs wonderfully with so many fashion choices.

When deciding on how best to work the Maxstudio Mali into your wardrobe, consider which looks work best with this style of boot. For fall and winter dressing, your options are virtually endless. If you are looking for a casual yet upscale fashion ensemble, consider tucking denim skinny jeans into the supple leather calf of this boot. Top off this look with a classic white menswear style of shirt worn with an open neckline. Accessorize with a statement piece pendant that draws the eye upward. With eye candy at both the neckline and on your feet, you will indeed be a head to toe vision of loveliness. If skinny jeans are not your fashion bottom of choice, a pair of boot cut dark wash denim would be just as striking. Top off your look with a color coordinated leather jacket to match your boots. Worn with a lace camisole underneath, this look exudes confidence and femininity at the same time.

Maxstudio Mali BootFall and winter are not the only seasons where you can make great use out of a stunning pair of boots. When worn under a Capri legging, these Mali boots would indeed be the star of the show. With a pair of cuffed tan Capri leggings and a color coordinated leather belt, these boots would have you looking like a runway fashion model. In order to make a leather boot work for spring and summer dressing, try coordinating your accessories with your footwear. A leather cuff bracelet would work perfectly. An ethnic-inspired wooden bracelet in matching tones would be a real showstopper. Even a custom crafted long leather choker would work wonderfully with these style-defining boots. By coordinating your accessories to your boots by color and by texture, you create a look that is timeless. Your stylish ensemble does not appear to be out of season and speaks volumes in terms of your fashion sensibility. Another fashionable option for the warmer months of the year is to wear a pair of lightweight riding britches with your Mali boots. A riding pant never goes out of fashion and is always the epitome of classic style. A velvet blazer in an unexpected style would be the perfect accompaniment to riding pants. Add a style-defining gemstone necklace and you have a look that will make a lasting impression.

Maxstudio Mali Knee High BootOne option to consider with these marvelous Mali boots is to coordinate your jewelry with the boot buckles. Rather than opting for silver or gold, accessorize with jewelry in a burnished bronze tone. From a burnished bronze bracelet with copper accents to a chunky ring and earrings in muted bronze tones, the coordination of metals is a winning fashion choice. Not many fashion followers are wise enough to coordinate their metals. Being alert enough to do so sets you apart from other fashion followers.

To make the most of these luscious boots, be sure to coordinate your handbag to the straps of the boot. Opt for a purse with straps that mimic those on the boot. With so much attention paid to color, texture, and style detailing, your look is sure to draw compliments wherever you go.

Coco Knee High Boots

Coco Knee High Boots

Make your legs look sexy

Coco-6 Boot
Coco-6 Boot

Knee high boots are always fashionable. The strong fashion style of these pair of boots had made it versatile. Coco knee high boots are a kind of boots of this kind and they help you make a bold fashion statement wherever you wear them.

Style factor of the boots
Heels have always added to the sex appeal. Coco knee high boots have a flat heel which not only adds to your stature but also contributes to your sex appeal. This will ensure that you are the center of attraction in a group of people. The appeal of this pair of boots is further accentuated by the straps which cling to your boots like a vine. There are buckles on the upper side to ensure that your ankle gets support and you do not lose your balance. The buckles help in adjusting the boots when you want to go without stockings or wear textured tights. This pair of boots is made of leather and is available in a classic shade of black. This will make your legs look good.

What to wear with the boots
Coco Knee High BootYou can wear a long or a short skirt with these boots. For individuals who want to opt for a short skirt, she can be assured that her legs will remain warm due to the length of the boots. The boots will also hide any small mistakes on your legs that can be seen other times. These boots will make your legs look more smooth, skinny and yet muscular. In this manner, you will look more appealing than you looked during the summer. For individuals who want to pair a long skirt with these knee high boots, be assured that it is also a good decision. The boots coupled with the long skirt will make you look feminine and add to your self-esteem. But if you are not fond of skirts, you can opt for your jeans. Tuck your jeans into the boots and this will again make you look sexy and yet confident. Make sure that the jeans that you will be wearing with these boots should be your second skin. If they are loose, it will spoil the look. It will have the balloon effect when the jeans will be loose on the upper side and from the knee, it will be tucked in the boots. You can wear a pencil skirt and black stockings along with the boots to work. A collared top and a fitted jersey with it will complete the look. You can even team your boots with a longer dress so that only the tip of your boot is visible.

Occasions on what they can be worn
These knee high boots can be worn on any occasion. You can wear it for formal parties. You can even wear it and go on outings with friends. Depending on your discretion, you can wear it.

Coco knee high boots are a must for every woman’s wardrobe. They are sexy and fashionable and help you to make a bold statement wherever you go