Yves St Laurent Grey Wedge Womens Boots

Grey Suede Boots

The fashion world saw the resurgence of boots in 2009 and they have become more common and the wedge boot is one of the must have boots. Wedge suede boots can lend a casual sophistication to an outfit or they can dress down that austere look of a formal dress.

The wedge boot, especially of the tall variety is best worn with skinny jeans or leggings that are tucked in. The ultimate casual look is wearing a vest or a casual tee with a small jacket or the blazers that are currently in- those with the turned up three-quarter sleeves. To dress up the look, wear a dressier top without a jacket. For example, if you are going to dinner and to the club after, you can wear a sequined black camisole top with a blazer in a bright or pastel hue and dark leggings tucked into the boots. After dinner, you can remove the jacket and the boots translate the look to a more casual outfit. For a softer look, you can wear a vest and a waterfall cardigan with a belt.

You can wear a short dress preferably dress should be black, navy or a very dark shade of grey for a more conservative affair like an office party or a meeting or a funeral service. The somberness of the color will dress down the dress style and the shoe because a wedge is generally more suited to casual dos rather than formal ones. Darker colors will also stand out more. You can also wear casual dresses in brighter colors and these can also be shorter in length. The only thing to avoid is going with dresses or skirts that are too long or too loose because they make you look frumpy. This is because the wedge heel is chunky and you need to wear fitted clothes to balance out your silhouette.

You can also wear a short mini skirt or shorts. You don’t have to go with the conventional black, white or matching colors with the boots, you can wear absolutely any colors. Color choices are now bolder and the boots will accommodate that. You can also use your them to tone down the color so that’s it is not too overwhelming.

The Yves St Laurent suede boots will suit any size of a lady as long as you dress right. If you are plus size, don’t be afraid to wear the short dresses or skinny jeans because the detail of the boot and the wedge sole will balance out the larger sized body. Avoid the temptation to wear bulkier clothes, wear fitted clothes so that you have a smoother silhouette. The same rules apply across the sizes, fitting dresses and skirts and pants. The same applies for age. Any woman any can wear these boots, just pay attention to the fit and length of your clothes.

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